My Portfolio

My diverse career portfolio is a reflection of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into developing my range and talent as a professional Filmmaker, and a testament to the unique style and positive attitude I bring with me on every project. Take a look at some of my best work in the gallery below.

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A Vietnam Soldier puts his affairs in order before going off to war. An official entry in the Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Festival.

Drawing it Out

A short Feature created for the Providence 48 Hour Film Festival. Carter hasn't seen his older brother Elijah in ten years. Now they, along with Elijah's girlfriend Maddie, are stuck drawing it out on vacation together!

Not For Sale

A short Feature created for The Providence 48 Hour Film Festival. Two realtors in a strained relationship are in for the night of their lives, when a series of murders begin sweeping through their neighborhood!

This was an Interview filmed at the Rhode Island College Television Studio. The project was to choose a subject and learn about their background by choosing approximately 20 questions out of a list of 100 that were given. This was a two camera set up with a small crew which filmed the interview. After it was filmed I received the footage of the interview and added the photographs, additional video footage, and music that appears during the interview.

This project was a shot by shot recreation of a scene from Eraserhead by David Lynch. This was an audio class that required the film and audio to be captured separately and synched in post.

This project was created for an Audio Production class. The assignment was to take a song and create an original music video for the song.

I specialize and have a passion for narrative Film Making, however I can film a wide range of projects and work in a timely manner. If you enjoy my work and want to speak with me about a project please reach out!