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Welcome to the website of Ryan Gill, where you will find everything you need to know about who he is, how he got his start, and what he is up to now. Ever since Ryan was young, he had a passion for making short films. He set out to be a talented Filmmaker and has not looked back. Take a look around, and enjoy all that he has to offer.

                                                                    Demo Reel

This is an example of my work ranging from my latest short film, which was entered into The Providence 48 Hour Film Festival, to other works which range from other film festival projects to college projects. I find that time constraints push me to forge creative solutions while in the filmmaking process.

Drawing it Out

I'm honored to share this Award Winning entry (Top 10) from the Providence 48 Hour Film Festival with you all. This was another collaboration with many of my longtime friends at ClimacticEvent. I was the Director of Photography and an Editor on this project.



Ryan Gill has always been captivated by the arts; from a young age, he loved watching films and live performances at the theater. As he grew up, Ryan found that having an artistic outlet was the perfect way for him to express his thoughts, visions, and imaginations. He fell in love with directing, and hasn't looked back since. He is now an incredibly passionate Filmmaker, and is ready to start collaborating with you on any projects you may have in mind.

Video Camera

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